After the success that BoomerJacks has enjoyed, Brent Tipps hired Clayton Everett to name and brand his newest concept that focused on combining high quality South Mexico cuisine with an energetic patio scene. The colors of the brand represent the colors found in the authentic culture of Mexico and the imagery of the iconic luchador set a perfect tone for the restaurant.


The website mirrored CiscoJack’s flavor and style and the brand was kept consistently energetic with the welcoming and festive 3-rows of color-matched neon that trimmed the entire perimeter of the building. The exterior signage we designed lead each customer to the lime green stallion that greeted them in the patio area.


CJmural CJhorse


To ensure the CiscoJack’s brand and experience was reinforced, CED produced custom dyed wood-backed menus that reflected the foundational colors from the restaurant’s identity. Although the removable covers and interior menu pages remained consistent, the colorful wooden forms were alternated between four colors so that each table would enjoy festive sitelines as they made their selections.



To make each customer feel immersed in the entertaining lucha libre culture, CED created a triptych of wall-sized illustrations that featured the artistic masks of the wrestlers combined with the warm and approachable feel of natural wood.