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Branding and marketing law firms is easy –

as long as you have

  • the resources.
  • the software.
  • cases of RedBull.
  • the knowledge.
  • tons of patience.
  • a design staff.
  • a marketing team.
  • good analytics.
  • the bandwidth.
  • insight to Google.

So, how about you simply
focus on managing your firm,
and let us help grow it!


There is an art to crafting a distinct identity that sets your firm apart in a crowded marketplace –
and we’re here to help tell your story.

Your firm brand goes far beyond just a logo or color scheme; it encompasses your firm's values, reputation, voice and represents the personlized way you interact with your clients. Effective branding should communicate what your firm does well along with your areas of expertise.

It's about creating an appropriate narrative that not only represents your firm well, but resonates with both current and prospective clients. This will ultimately establish a memorable presence in the legal landscape to help get you noticed – and remembered.

The Process

We take on the role as design translators – working closely with your equity partners and leadership – converting their responses to our set of overarching questions into a tangible description of messgaging and imagery that accurately represents your firm. This combination of visuals and voice can also acts as a self-fullfilling prophecy to what you’ll want the firm to look like in the next five t seven years.

Final deliverables of a new identity or rebrand normally include a firm logo (in a variety of applications and formats), a customized firm color scheme and family of fonts, a style guide mapping out the do’s and dont’s of your firm’s brand for your attorneys and staff, signature block design for electronic communications, collateral design (electronic and print), signage, along with an overarching firm value statement.


Website Design

A law firm's website design is crucial for establishing credibility, accessibility, and client engagement in this age of digital intelligence.

The process involves crafting a user-friendly interface, optimized to maximize search engines, and showcasing your firm’s specific expertise through compelling content, messaging and visuals.

A well-designed website not only attracts potential clients but fosters trust and confidence in your firm's capabilities, serving as a 24/7 virtual storefront. A well-designed site not only offers valuable information and resources about your firm, but ultimately enhances your reputation, referral potential and client acquisition efforts.

The Process

Discovery Phase: Understand the firm's brand, target audience, and goals by efficiently spending time with the firm’s principals to determine your firm’s unique personality while also conducting research on competitors and industry best practices.

Planning: Define the website's structure, content, and features. Create a sitemap and wireframes to outline the layout and navigation.

Design: Develop a visual identity that aligns with the firm's brand. Design mockups of key pages, including the homepage, practice areas, bios and contact page.

Content Creation: Write compelling, informative content for the main pages as well as the first wave of articles (blog posts) that showcase the firm's expertise and addresses client needs. Incorporate keywords for search engine optimization (SEO).

Development: Build the website using HTML, CSS, and possibly a content management system (CMS) like WordPress for seamless viewing across devices. The system architecture and platform decisions are usually based upon whether you plan to make edits internally or if you’d prefer to simply email us the changes you’d like to see each month and have us maintain your site.

Testing and Approval: Conduct thorough testing to identify and fix any bugs or usability issues while the site is on a dev (developmental) server. Test across different browsers and devices to ensure compatibility along with submitting the site to ensure its in compliance with the State Bar.

Optimization: Optimize the website for speed, security, and SEO. Implement analytics tools to track performance and user behavior.

Launch: Deploy the website to the live server. Double-check all links, forms, and functionality with your firm before making it public. The site being tested and going live should coincide with a launch promotional campaign or announcement.

Post-launch Maintenance: Regularly update content, monitor performance metrics, and address any technical issues that arise. Continuously refine the website based on user feedback and changing business needs.


Content Developtment


Every piece of content within your site – on socials, LinkedIn or your firm’s blog – should either educate, inspire trust, promote your firm, drive traffic or prompt action.

Our job is to help your firm tell its story by creating content - consistently and miltantly falling within your firm’s brand - that drives traffic and conversions while cementing long-term relationships with clients, referring attorneys, the community and social associates.

Law firm content development involves creating informative, engaging, and relevant materials that resonate with both existing clients and potential leads. It's about showcasing your firm's expertise, experience, and unique value proposition through compelling text, visuals, and multimedia elements.

The Process

We’re always on the lookout for any individual or firm accolades, successful cases, relevant articles or community outreach stories that involve your firm and need to be told. Each one of these is an opportunity to reinfornce your firm’s brand and elevate your brand above the others in your industry or area of practice.

Working alongside your attorneys, we’ll craft posts and articles that will be sgared across social, blogs and LinkedIn to generate relevancy and intentionally move your site rankings up in the eyes of Google!



By investing in efficient social marketing and SEO strategies tailored to your firm’s objectives, your attorneys can effectively increase their online presence, attract relevant traffic to your site, and ultimately convert visitors into clients.


Social media platforms offer your firm valuable opportunities to engage with your audience, build brand awareness, and cultivate a positive reputation. By leveraging social media effectively, your firm can enhance their online presence and attract potential clients in a couple ways;


Sharing informative and relevant content on social media platforms positions the law firm as a thought leader in its field. By providing valuable insights, updates on legal developments, and practical advice, the firm can demonstrate its expertise and establish trust with its audience.

Sharing informative and relevant content on social media platforms positions the law firm as a thought leader in its field. By providing valuable insights, updates on legal developments, and practical advice, the firm can demonstrate its expertise and establish trust with its audience.




We start by creating fresh, relevant content while utilizing our extensive software packages to make sure we’re getting the most out of the keywords that your potential clients are using in their searches. Effective SEO is something that needs to be maintained and nurtered so we recommend monthly site audits to ensure your firm’s site is keeping up with what your clients are searching for as well as Google’s (ever-changing) parameters. Lastly, we consistenty evaluate and maintain your metadata on a monthly basis along with the efficiency of your mobile site to make certain your relevancy and rankings from what we help create with your firm are getting the attention and responses we’d like them to.

Additional cool stuff we do for law firms

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